i-Presentation Gallery
i-Presentation Gallery

View the 2021 AERA Annual Meeting i-Presentation Gallery 

View the 2020 AERA Annual Meeting i-Presentation Gallery 

AERA is pleased to offer the i-Presentation Gallery, featuring presentations from AERA Annual Meeting accepted paper authors. AERA created the web-based presentation platform as an innovative way of sharing research presented at AERA Annual Meetings and other convenings throughout the year.

Users are able to see and hear 2020 and 2021 Annual Meeting presentations from authors in a web-based format; search by AERA division, SIG, or other submission unit; or look up by keyword or method. They also are able to search an open-field box for authors, abstracts, titles, or institutions.

The gallery provides a user-friendly vehicle for authors to present their papers in a dynamic format that allows for an overall narration as well as audio or video capture within any slide as part of their display. Authors can activate a chat function and also schedule a virtual session to meet up with other interested scholars. Through this portal, authors can receive messages and/or respond to Q&A on a continuing basis well beyond the initial “chat” span and continuing year-to-year. Authors also receive a unique citation for their gallery presentation.

Questions from Annual Meeting paper authors about the platform can be emailed to presentation-gallery@aera.net.

2021 Annual Meeting Presentations

Click here to view the presentations from 2021 AERA Annual Meeting accepted paper authors.

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