Public Briefings

To promote the use of research to improve education, inform policy, and serve the public good, AERA periodically organizes briefings on Capitol Hill. These events offer an opportunity to highlight education research issues of special interest to the public, practitioners, and policymakers.
Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing
September 12, 2014
The briefing addressed key takeaways and major changes in the new edition of the Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing
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Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin
September 27, 2012
The briefing addressed the strength of science in a major affirmative action case – Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin. 
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Getting Teacher Evaluation Right: A Challenge for Policy Makers
September 14, 2011
The briefing addressed teacher effectiveness, evaluation policies and practices, and policies likely to support sound teacher evaluation. 
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Payoffs of Long-Term Investment in Education Research
February 14, 2011
The briefing addressed the benefits of long-term education research funding and the conditions necessary to produce research that matters.
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New Strategies for Keeping Schools Safe: Evidence-based Approaches to Prevent Youth Violence
April 8, 2010
This briefing examined school violence and bullying, the consequences of unsafe or disruptive school environments, and policies needed to maintain school safety.
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Race-Conscious School Assignments
December 1, 2006
This briefing addressed race-conscious school assignments in a major affirmative action case – Parents Involved in Community Schools v. Seattle School District No. 1 and Meredith v. Jefferson County Board of Education.
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Legal Frameworks and Critical Research Findings in the University of Michigan Affirmative Action Cases 
June 23, 2003
This briefing addressed the legal frameworks and critical research findings in two major affirmative action cases – Grutter v. Bolling and Gratz v. Bollinger. 
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