Award Description

Dear Division L Members, 
Please consider submitting a nomination for this year's Division L Awards. Division L members produce excellent scholarship, engage deeply with policy and practice, and help to shape public understanding of education policy and politics. Let's celebrate these contributions!
The call is for the following three awards. The winners will be announced at the Division L Business Meeting, AERA Annual Meeting in San Francisco. 


The award recognizes a scholar whose initial career shows a high level of productivity and excellence.  This productivity will be reflected in the quality and impact of the recipient’s research.  

Eligibility/Selection: The winning candidate should have received the doctorate no more than seven years before February 2020. In selecting a winner, the criteria to be considered by the selection committee are the quality and impact of the candidate’s work, wherein quality reflects the highest standards of research quality and excellence appropriate to the methods and methodology used and impact is demonstrated through evidence that the work has been used by policymakers and/or practitioners, influenced a public or policy debate, and/or advanced the research field.

Nomination Process: To nominate a candidate, a nominating letter and two (additional) supporting letters must be submitted that describe the candidate’s research contributions to the field of educational policy.  Letters should describe the quality of the research as well as its rigor, insight, contribution to policy research, and/or contribution to policy or policy debates. Nominations must be submitted in full no later than the deadline and must include the following: (1) a nomination letter, (2) two supporting letters from Division L members, (3) a CV for the nominee, (4) PDF versions of two publications by the nominee. Please email all materials by February 10, 2020 at 11:59 PM EST to Professor Ee-Seul Yoon (, using the subject line “DIVISION L EARLY CAREER AWARD.”


Purpose: The purpose of the AERA Division L Outstanding Dissertation Award is to recognize the exceptional research accomplishments of recent doctoral graduates.  Dissertations employing any theoretical and methodological orientation may be nominated as long as they make an important contribution to education policy and/or politics. The award recipient will be formally recognized at the 2019 Division L Business Meeting at AERA and will have an opportunity to give a brief presentation about their dissertation at this meeting.

Eligibility: Dissertations must have been completed and successfully defended between August 16, 2018 and August 15, 2019. At the time the dissertation is being considered, the author must be a member of Division L of AERA.

Nomination Process: Nominations must be submitted by a faculty member of the nominee's doctoral degree granting institution by February 10, 2020. The nomination package should include the following as four separate attachments:

1.A nomination letter from a faculty member of the nominee’s degree granting institution. Please include information about when the nominee defended his/her dissertation.

2.A document that contains the nominee’s current contact information (name, current job title, address, phone number and email address)

3.A 3- to 4-page double-spaced summary of the dissertation

4.A copy of the dissertation in PDF format.

Review Process & Evaluation Criteria: Complete nominations that are received by the deadline will be reviewed by the Division L Dissertation Award Committee.  Specifically, the committee will evaluate the following aspects of each dissertation:


2.Literature review

3.Perspective/theoretical framework

4.Research methods

5.Data sources



8.Quality and clarity of writing

9.Connection to Division L

Submission: Email submissions to Professor Julian Vasquez Heilig ( by February 10, 2020 at 11:59 PM EST using the subject line "DIVISION L DISSERTATION AWARD.” 


The Outstanding Policy Report Award recognizes an outstanding policy report that makes a contribution to education research and/or policy through its analysis, evaluation, and/or critique of education policy. The Award alternates between a long and short report. The long policy report award was awarded in 2019.

Eligibility/Selection: In 2020, the award will be given to a short policy report ( < 35 pages in length) that best reflects the following selection criteria:

a. Quality: Reflects highest standards of research quality and excellence appropriate to the methods and methodology used.
b. Relevance: Analyzes, evaluates, and/or critiques a timely and relevant education policy or policy issue.
c. Impact: Demonstrates evidence that the report has been used by policymakers, influenced a public or policy debate, and/or advanced a research field.

To be eligible, the report must have been published/released after November 1, 2015, and at least one author must be a Division L member. Eligible policy reports may be published in print or on-line, in electronic journals, newsletters, blog posts, and other media. Regardless of the form in which they are published, all submissions will be evaluated under the same selection criteria (research quality, relevance, and impact).

Nomination Process:  Nominations must be submitted by the report author, user, or other reader of the work no later than February 12, 2020, and must include the following: (1) a nomination letter from a Division L member, (2) a PDF version of the report, and (3) evidence of the report’s impact. Please email all materials to Professor Elizabeth Rivera-Rodas (riverarodase@montclair.edubFebruary 10, 2020 at 11:59 pm EST, using the subject line “DIVISION L OUTSTANDING POLICY REPORT.”


Janelle Scott