Previous Awards

Previous Award Recipients


Outstanding Dissertation Award: Jennifer Seelig, Northwestern University – “North of Highway 8: An Ethnographic Study of a School-Community Relationship in Rural Wisconsin”

Rachel White, University of Southern California – “Donut Devourers, Fish Fanatics, Politicians, and Educators: Faces and Voices of State Education Policymaking"

Outstanding Policy Report (Short) Award: Dr. Jeannie Oakes, Anna Maier and Julian Daniel – “Community Schools: An Evidence-Based Strategy for Equitable School Improvement”

Early Career Award: Lindsey Page, University of Pittsburgh


Outstanding Dissertation Award: Marialena Rivera, University of California, Berkeley – “Inequity and Privatization in School District Facilities Financing: A Mixed Methods Study”

Daniella Hall, Pennsylvania State University – “Local Control as Resistance: Policy and Practice of Autonomous School Boards"

Outstanding Policy Report (Long) Award: Ron Zimmer, Gary Henry, Adam Kho – “The Effects of School Turnaround in Tennessee's Achievement School District Innovation Zone” 

Lifetime Achievement Award:  Gary Orfield, University of California, Los Angeles


Outstanding Dissertation Award: Daniela Torre, Vanderbilt – “How Classroom Context Impacts the Academic Achievement of English Learners in a New Immigrant Destination”

Honorable Mention: DeeAnn Grove, University of Iowa – “An Issue of ‘Special Opportunity’: The Politicalization of Education in Presidential Election Campaigns, 1968-2012”

Outstanding Policy Report Award: Daniel Losen, Cheri Hodsen, Michael Keith, Katrina Morrison, and Shakti Belway – “Are We Closing the School Discipline Gap?”

Early Career Award: Judith Scott-Clayton, Columbia University


Outstanding Dissertation Award: Huriya Jabbar, UC Berkeley – “The Rising Tide: School Choice and Competition in Post-Katrina New Orleans”

Honorable Mention: Katharina Destler, University of Washington – “Creating a Performance Culture: Informal Institutions and Educational Reform”

Outstanding Policy Report Award: Morgaen Donaldson and Casey Cobb, UConn – “An Evaluation of the Pilot Implementation of Connecticut’s System for Educator Evaluation and Development”

Lifetime Achievement Award: David Cohen, University of Michigan; Milbrey McLaughlin, Stanford


Outstanding Dissertation Award: Miya Warner, Columbia University – “Small High Schools and Big Inequalities: Course-taking and Curricular Rigor in New York City”

Runner-up: Nathaniel Malkus, University of Maryland – “Beneath the District Averages: Intradistrict Differences in Teacher in Teacher Compensation Expenditures”

Outstanding Policy Report Award (Short): Tina Trujillo & Michelle Renée – “Democratic School Turnarounds: Pursuing Equity and Learning from Evidence”

Early Career Award: Erica Frankenberg