Who We Are

Our Current Division K Officers

Division K Teaching and Teacher Education


Elected Officers

Vice President

Dorothea Anagnostopoulos

University of Connecticut



Chezare Warren

Vanderbilt University


Appointed Officers

Program Chairs

Rita Kohli

University of California Riverside


Emily Smith

Fairfield University


Equity and Inclusion Officers

Erica Edwards

Wayne State University


Graduate Student Representatives

Keirah Comstock (Senior representative)

University of Rochester, kcomsto2@u.rochester.edu

Gabrielle Bernal (Junior representative)

University of Michigan, gabernal@umich.edu

Digital Committee

Thompson Kali, Chair, kali.thompson@uga.edu

Kate Baca, committee, kaitlin.baca@colorado.edu

Gina Marcel, committee, gina.marcel@tc.columbia.edu

Outreach Committee

Elizabeth (Lizz) Bohl, Chair, elizabeth.bohl@colorado.edu

Tara Kirton, Committee, trk2124@tc.columbia.edu

Lauren May, Committee, laurenmay@vt.edu

Anita Sundrani, Committee, asundrani@uh.edu

Professional Advancement

Jacob Elmore, Co-chair, jre4nn@virginia.edu

Nuo Xu, Co-chair, nuo.xu@utah.edu

Helen Min, Committee, helenmin@virginia.edu

Communications Team

Cassandra Drake, Co-Director,

California State University, Stanislaus, cdrake@csustan.edu

Michelle Buchanan, Co-Director,

University of Central Arkansas, mbuchanan@uca.edu


Section Co-Chairs:

Section 1. Teaching, Teacher Education and Professional Development in the Content Areas

Tutita Casa, University of Connecticut, tutita.casa@uconn.edu

Thomas Levine, University of Connecticut, thomas.levine@uconn.edu

Brian Keith Williams, North Carolina A&T State University, bkwilliams1@ncat.edu

Section 2. Teacher Agency, Teacher Leadership and Teacher Activism Within and Beyond the Classroom

Jill Bradley Levine, Ball State University, jsbradleylev@bsu.edu

Monica Taylor, Montclair State University, taylorm@montclair.edu

Section 3. Teachers’ and Teachers Educators’ Lives: Lived Experiences, Identities, Socialization and Development

Jake Bennett, Vanderbilt University, jacob.s.bennett@vanderbilt.edu

Alyssa Dunn, Michigan State University, ahdunn@msu.edu

Chyllis Scott, University of Nevada Las Vegas, chyllis.scott@unlv.edu

Section 4. The Socio-cultural and Racial Foundations of Teaching and Teacher Education

Jennifer Bondy, Arizona State University,  jmbondy@asu.edu

Alice Lee, UC riverside,  alicel@ucr.edu 

Esther Ohito, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, esther.ohito@gmail.com

Section 5. Preservice Teacher Education Coursework: Curriculum and Pedagogy to Improve Teacher Knowledge and Instruction

Alison Dover, California State University Fullerton, adover@fullerton.edu

Conra Gist, University of Houston, cdgist@uh.edu

Jon Wargo, Boston College, wargoj@bc.edu

Section 6. Approaches and Models for Field Experiences: Student Teaching and School/Community Collaborations

Morgan Faison, University of Georgia, mfaison@uga.edu

Raven Jones Stanbrough, Michigan State University, jonesrav@msu.edu

Section 7. Teacher Recruitment, Induction, Mentoring and Retention For and From Diverse Communities and Contexts

Margarita Jimenez-Silva, University of California, Davis, mjimenezsilva@ucdavis.edu

Travis Bristol, University of California, Berkeley, tjbristol@berkeley.edu

Section 8. In-Service Teacher Knowledge and Learning

Jill Newton, Purdue University, janewton@purdue.edu

Wanda Watson, Mills, San Jose State University, wwatson@mills.edu

Sarah Levine, Stanford University, srlevine@stanford.edu

Section 9. Innovation and Policy Investigations in Teaching and Teacher Education

Nathan Jones, Boston University, ndjones@bu.edu

Sonya Hayes, University of Tennessee, shayes22@utk.edu

Section 10. Indigenous Teaching and Teacher Education

Jeremy Garcia, University of Arizona, garciaj3@arizona.edu

Valerie Shirley, University of Arizona, vshirley@arizona.edu