Re-envisioning Teaching and Teacher Education in the Shadow of the COVID-19 Pandemic (RTTE) Seed Grant Awards

Grant Award Winners


Grant Award Winners


Re-envisioning Teaching and Teacher Education in the Shadow of the COVID-19 Pandemic (RTTE) Seed Grant Awards

The COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped teaching and teacher education in myriad ways. Given the pandemic’s impact, especially its exacerbation of educational and social inequities, in 2021, Division K redirected funds budgeted for the canceled 2020 AERA Annual Meeting to seed research projects that explore the moment’s challenges and possibilities for reimagining teaching and teacher education.  The Division received 165 proposals.  Their rigor, creativity, and commitment to addressing issues of equity were impressive. 

The following Division K members were awarded RTTE seed grants.

Melanie M. Acosta, Assistant Professor, Florida Atlantic University, African Descent Peoples’ Community-Based Organizing for Education in the South  

Shannon Paige Clark, Doctoral Candidate, University of Illinois at Chicago, We too, are America: Black teachers, Black families and schooling amidst COVID-19

Saili S. Kulkarni, Assistant Professor, San Jose State University, Amanda L. Miller, Assistant Professor, Wayne State University, Emily Nusbaum, Affiliated Faculty, University of San Francisco, (Re)imagining Teacher Preparation During a Global Pandemic Using Disability-Centered, Culturally Sustaining Pedagogies 

Joanne Marciano, Assistant Professor, Ji Soo Lee, Doctoral Student, & Lee Melvin Peralta, Doctoral Student, Michigan State University, Examining and Addressing Educational Disparities Experienced by Marginalized Youth During COVID-19 Through Culturally Responsive-Sustaining YPAR  

Helen Rose Miesner, Doctoral Candidate, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Compliance Amid Complexity? How Policies, People and a Pandemic Shape Special Education in Practice  

Jenny Root, Assistant Professor, Florida State University, Sarah Cox, Assistant Professor, Eastern Michigan University, Addie McConomy, Doctoral Student, Florida State University, Taryn Wade,  Doctoral Student, Florida State University, Caregiver-Assisted Virtual Math Instruction for Secondary Students with Autism 

Heartfelt thanks to the following Division K members who gave their time and insight during a very challenging summer in 2020 to review the 165 RTTE proposals.  Reviewers participated in a multi-stage process that ensured all proposals received multiple reviews and that AERA conflict of interest rules were observed in the consideration of all submissions.

Danielle Marie Carrier (University of Georgia), Keirah Comstock (University of Rochester), Cassandra Drake (California State University Stanislaus), Hala Ghousseini (University of Wisconsin), Lin Goodwin (University of Hong Kong), Thomas Levine (University of Connecticut), Emily Smith (Fairfield University), Kevin Roxas (Western Washington University), Jon Wargo (Boston College), Chezare A. Warren (Vanderbilt University).

Special thanks to Felice Levine (Executive Director, AERA) and Lori Diane Hill (Associate Executive Director, AERA) for their generous insight and support in the development and administration of the RTTE grant program.