Anti-Racist Teaching and Teacher Education Seed Grant Awards

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Anti-Racist Teaching and Teacher Education Seed Grant Awards

Reflecting its commitment to supporting anti-racist research and practice, in 2021, Division K launched the Anti-Racist Teaching and Teacher Seed Grants.  The grants seek to support cross-institutional partnerships aimed at establishing research programs that will advance knowledge about anti-racist teaching and teacher education policy and practice. We especially sought to support projects in which researchers, teacher educators, and practitioners, broadly defined, work together to study and enact replicable approaches/strategies to combat myriad forms of racial harm. The Division received 70 proposals.  Their rigor, creativity and commitment to forging partnerships to support anti-racist teaching and teacher education were truly impressive. 

The following Division K members were awarded Anti-Racist Teaching and Teacher Education seed grants

Erica B. Edwards, Assistant Professor, (Wayne State University) and Sherell A. McArthur, Associate Professor (University of Georgia), Storying to stay: Engaging Black women career teachers in Black feminist narrative and wellness practice

Marie-Emilie (Mimi) Masson, Professor, (University of Ottawa) and Shawna M. Carroll, Senior Assistant Professor (Okayama University), Uncovering racism, colonialism, and oppression in the French as a second language (FSL) curriculum and creating opportunities for subversion for teachers

Zhongfeng Tian, Assistant Professor (University of Texas at San Antonio) and Alisha Nguyen, PhD Teaching Fellow (Boston College), Co-design and implementation of an anti-racist biliteracy program for young bilingual children using critical translanguaging pedagogy

Heartfelt thanks to the following Division K members who gave their time and insight to review the proposals.  Reviewers participated in a multi-stage process that ensured all proposals received multiple reviews and that AERA conflict of interest rules were observed in the consideration of all submissions.

Gabrielle Bernal (University of Michigan), Terrance Burgess (Michigan State University), Danielle Marie Carrier (University of Georgia), Justin Coles (University of Massachusetts, Amherst), Keirah Comstock (University of Rochester), Rita Kohli (University of California Riverside), Natasha Perez (University of Houston – Downtown), Emily Petchauer (Michigan State University), Bree Picower (Montclair State University), Francisco Rios (Western Washington University), Christine Sleeter (California State University, Monterey Bay), Raven Jones Stanbrough (Michigan State University), Jon Wargo (Boston College), Chezare Warren (Vanderbilt University)