Division Awards

Outstanding Poster Award

This award recognized the "outstanding poster" presented as part of the Division J program at the AERA Annual Meeting, as determined by the poster award selection committee. The winning poster demonstrated exemplary quality in displaying relevant conceptual and/or theoretical frameworks, methods and analyses, appropriateness of conclusions, contribution to the field, and overall presentation. The award was designed to encourage participants to effectively present posters that describe top-quality research studies. This award has been discontinued.

Previous award winners:

2015: Teniell L. Trolian & Gwendolyn Archibald, University of Iowa - Social Experiences in College: Influencing Students' Psychological Well-Being

2014: Catherine J. Mutti-Driscoll, University of Washington - The Choice to Have Children in Graduate School: Opportunities and Challenges

2013: Jarrett Warshaw, University of Georgia - The Intersections of Institution, Family, and Identity Among Legacy Students at an Elite Private University

2012: Rhiannon Williams & Amy Lee, University of Minnesota - Facilitating intercultural interaction: Reciprocal knowing

2011: Kristina Lizardy-Hajbi, University of Colorado - Colorado Springs - Standing in the gap: Higher education professionals providing support for undocumented students