Graduate Students

Fireside Chat

Each year, the graduate student representatives plan a Fireside Chat to take place at the annual meeting. The chats are a coordinated effort between the Graduate Student Council and Division I.

Past Fireside Chat Titles
2022 - Connecting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion to our Work in the Professions
2021 - Translating Research Into Practice
2019 - Cultural Competency and Culturally Relevant Ways of Knowing: Revisiting Teaching and Curriculum
2018 - Increasing Opportunity Through Holistic Admissions in Professional Education
2017 - Advancing Diversity Scholarship in Professional Education
2016 - Translating Scholarship for the Local and Global Public Forum
2015 - Navigating the Cultures of Careers: Recognize Your Transferable Skill Set
2014 - Getting Published: Ensuring Your Work Makes an Impact
2013 - What the Future Holds for Scholarship in the Professions: Lessons Learned and Advice for Junior Scholars