Learning & Instruction (C)

Message from Division VP

July 11, 2022

Dear Division C Colleagues: 

We learned a great deal this past April running a dual format hybrid meeting. After a great deal of careful deliberation and negotiation, AERA leadership made the decision that the 2023 AERA annual meeting will be held in hybrid format. AERA leadership is committed to ensuring that we retain the flexibility and benefits of the mixed format and revise areas that need more attention to be fully successful. The details of the meeting format are currently being worked out, and we expect that they will be out shortly.  

Let me also remind you that the proposal submission deadline is set July 27, 2022. at 11:59PM PDT. 

PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR WORK TO DIVISION C! Under the guidance of our excellent Program Chairs, Michael Thomas and Kui Xie, we hope to make our submitted offerings exciting and engaging. Regarding the invited program, we will start by accommodating award talks from 2022 recipients. We are committed to honoring the excellent work of our members at multiple stages of the career pipeline. Our program committee and section chairs are a talented group who will meet in late September to put together our invited and submitted offerings. If you have ideas for program innovations in a virtual format, please do not hesitate to reach out to me, Michael or Kui. We welcome your advice. 

As we re-regulate to a post-pandemic world (hopeful) we look forward to continuing to engage with the Division in new and innovative ways over the next year. Until then, please try and engage in some rejuvenation over the next several weeks as the fall semester be on us in no time! 

Kim Lawless 
Division C Vice President