Resources for SIG Officers

The following documents are for use by SIG Officers only.


SIG Handbook (PDF)
SIG Membership and Financial Tools (PDF)
AERA Publications Manual (PDF)
2024 Election Guidelines (PDF)
Sample Annual SIG Calendar (PDF)
New Leader Orientation/Best Practices for SIG Officers Webinar Slides (PDF)

Websites and Social Media 

CMS (Website) Training Guide (PDF)
CMS (Website) Training Video
Social Media Guidelines and Best Practices for SIGs (PDF)
AERA Follow List for Divisions, SIGs, and Associated Groups 


Petition for an AERA-Approved Award (PDF)
Request an award plaque or certificate for an AERA Sanctioned Award (Form)

SIG Financial Transactions

SIG Deposit and Expense Reimbursement Form (Excel)
(Note: There are individual tabs for Deposits and Expense Reimbursements on this file.) 


All current SIG officers are authorized to send messages to their SIG members through their SIG’s announcement listserv. The announcement listserv list is live, and any new SIG members will begin receiving new postings immediately after joining. SIG officers are encouraged to use this listserv as their primary means of email communication to their members. SIG Chairs are also authorized to send messages to their SIG’s lapsed members through their SIG’s lapsed member listserv. For information about accessing your SIG’s listservs, please contact

Please contact AERA governance at if you have any questions.