GSC Campus Representatives

GSC Campus Liaison Commitments

The roles and responsibilities of serving as a representative include, but are not limited to, the following:

Primary Tasks:

  • Assist in GSC’s efforts to increase graduate student awareness of both AERA and GSC;
  • Disseminate information that is germane to the plight and progress of graduate students in e-mail or the most appropriate format;
  • Post flyers informing graduate students of AERA division related activities at the upcoming AERA meeting (Provided by the division graduate student representatives).

Secondary Tasks (Optional):

  • Serve as a host in the GSC’s hospitality suite during the annual AERA meeting;
  • Give presentations to your department highlighting AERA division activities and objectives.

If you would like to volunteer to become a representative, please get in touch with your respective division GSC officer representatives listed on the GSC Officers & Reps page