Distinguished Contributions to Gender Equity in Education Research Award

Distinguished Contributions to Gender Equity in Education Research Award

2020 Award Recipient

Jessica Ringrose
University College, London

Dr. Jessica Ringrose is Professor of the Sociology of Gender and Education at the University College of London (UCL). Dr. Ringrose is an outstanding scholar, researcher, and activist who has worked toward social justice in gender and sexuality for more than 20 years, partnering with universities, school districts, government officials and programs, and non-profits across the globe to make an important conceptual, empirical, and political impact in the field. Dr. Ringrose’s research has changed attitudes toward gender inequity, sexism, and sexual violence. Her research has addressed youth sexting, gender inequity, sexualization, sexual harassment, and sexist sexualization in London public advertising. Young people, teachers, parents, and the public have benefitted from her work training civil servants and teachers in gender equity and designing curriculum to tackle gender and sexual inequalities in youth culture in the digital age. She is co-chair of the Gender and Educational Association, which recently accepted AERA’s invitation to become an affiliate organization. 

Established in 2006, the Distinguished Contributions to Gender Equity in Education Research Award recognizes individuals within AERA for distinguished research, professional practice, and activities that advance public understanding of gender and/or sexuality at any level in the education community. This award will be presented to an individual whose professional career has been devoted in substantial part to the study of gender and/or sexuality in education, and who has significantly advanced the field through extraordinary leadership, scholarship, or professional practice. The AERA Committee on Scholars and Advocates for Gender Equity in Education is charged by AERA Council with serving as the selection committee for this award.

Past Recipients  

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