Online Paper Repository

Beginning in July 2013, the AERA Online Paper Repository is completely open to the public. Full-text presentations from the 2013 Annual Meeting have also been added. 

Online Paper Repository

The AERA Online Paper Repository is an open access clearinghouse, with abstracts, of all scientific presentations given at AERA annual meetings since 2010. More than half include full-text papers voluntarily contributed to the repository by annual meeting presenters. AERA encourages all presenters to make their full-text papers available to the repository as a way to distribute their research more broadly.

Access to the Repository

  • If you are not an AERA member or have not previously registered, 
    click here to register for free access.  

  • Once you register, you will receive an email with login information that will allow you to use the repository through the Repository User Login.

  • For information about papers presented at an annual meeting before 2010, please visit the online program for that meeting (programs are available on the AERA website back to 2005). If you are seeking full-text papers presented at annual meetings before 2010, contact the presenters directly.

    Benefits of the Repository

    For scholars, students, and other users, the repository:

    • Offers a new opportunity for broader access to information presented at the AERA annual meetings
    • Serves as a reference on current scholarship and research
    • Outlines guidelines for citing scholarship presented at the annual meetings

    For presenters, the repository:

    • Allows sharing of presentations in a new format and reaching a broader audience than those attending the session
    • Records in a permanent online archive the full text of the presentations
    • Permits addition of presentation notes at any time after the meeting
    • Enables reporting of subsequent publication of the research by allowing addition of citation information, a journal URL, or a digital object identifier (DOI)
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