School Turnaround and Reform SIG 154
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Click here for STaR SIG events at the 2013 AERA Conference.

Please join us for our STaR SIG Business Meeting at AERA. The business meeting is jointly scheduled with the School Effectiveness and School Improvement SIG for:

Scheduled Day/Time: 

Sunday April 28 –

6:15pm - 7:45pm

Building/Room: Hilton Union Square / Golden Gate 3

Featured presenter:

Heather Zavadsky, author of School Turnarounds: The Essential Role of Districts.

The inspiration for this book was a crucial observation: that if the school turnaround movement is to have widespread and lasting consequences, it will need to incorporate meaningful district involvement in its efforts.

The result is a volume that considers school turnaround efforts at the district level, examining the evidence thus far and indicating fruitful directions for district-based initiatives going forward. At the heart of the book are case studies of districts that have developed system-wide policies and programs for instituting turnaround reforms in their member schools. These cases and the book as a whole bring district-based initiatives and options into the larger discussion of the turnaround movement and its potential for improving chronically low-performing schools (

There will also be an opportunity for questions and discussion following her talk. Invite your friends and colleagues to join us. It's not necessary to be a SIG member to come to the business meeting.

Click here for STaR SIG events at the 2013 AERA Conference.

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