The Path Breaker Award is given in recognition of collaborative research by a  scholar and graduate student who co-author an article related to giftedness, creativity, or talent that is published in a journal not traditionally or regularly focused on these fields. The Path Breaker Award is designed to reward scholars in our field for  publishing in journals that would not traditionally include articles with a focus on gifted, talented, or creative populations . The article should be published in the last two years (2016-2018).

Selection Criteria (in the following order of importance, beginning with most important):

  •  Quality of the article (new data or analysis of existing data, strong methodology, etc.).
  • Prestige of journal in which the article has been accepted.
  •  The compelling arguments of the submitted rationale.

Those nominating individuals for the Path Breaker Award should send their submissions to Hope Wilson ( hope.e.wilson@unf.edu) by February 1st, 2019