Hello Division C membership: 

I am finishing up my first year as Vice President of Division C and preparing for the first annual meeting of AERA under my divisional leadership.  I want to thank all of you who voted for me last year and entrusted me with this important position.  My intellectual and professional roots have always been with AERA and Division C, the very first organization I joined so many years ago as a graduate student. Fast forward to 2019. This is an especially transformative time to be connected to the education research community given all the challenges we face and the opportunities we have to work toward a public education system that meets the learning and instructional needs of our wonderfully diverse student population. We need the energy, vision, and social justice commitment of  AERA to help us embrace our challenges and opportunities.  I also want to acknowledge Barbara Greene, my predecessor as VP, who offered great advice and passed on a set of policies and procedures she had compiled about all the things the VP has to do. That document has proven to be invaluable, particularly in planning the annual meeting.  

We are going to have a great meeting in Toronto.  April Taylor, our 2019 Program Chair, deserves kudos for this.  In addition to our professional development pre-conferences and our research contribution award talks, we have several exciting new events this year. Run by Helenrose Fives, an expanded Youth Conference will introduce about 100 4th graders from greater Toronto public schools to some of the important things that education researchers spend their time doing.  I want to thank Helenrose and her team of leading researchers for breaking it down and making it fun for 9 and 10 year olds.   As the VP session allotment, we are having High Tea with Scholars of Division C.  In this inaugural event, 15 imminent scholars and members of Division C will all be present in one room to offer their wisdom and insight to all who attend. And DeLeon Gray, Rachel Croninger, and Sara Baszczewski will be chairing our first annual Shark Tank competition in which graduate students will have an opportunity to pitch their ideas for research highlighting equity and inclusion and compete for a cash prize.  I hope you will find the time in your busy schedules to attend these and other exciting and timely sessions sponsored by Division C.  

It’s never too early to start planning for next year’s annual meeting in San Francisco.  If you have ideas for themes, topics, or invited speakers, please let me know.  

I will be back in touch after the meeting in Toronto.  Safe travels to all of you who are attending.  And don’t forget your passports.

Sandra Graham