Newsletters & Newsletter call

Newsletter Call

We welcome the following types of submissions for the spring 2021 newsletter. Please send information to the Communications Chair, Angel Miles Nash,

Announcements such as

  • new jobs/promotions/graduations
  • awards
  • new publications
  • job postings
  • photos from LSJ SIG meetings
  • upcoming opportunities for publication, grants, collaboration, etc.
  • additional news you think LSJ SIG members should know

Brief (<1,000 words) articles highlighting topics such as

  • examples of social justice in practice
  • the activity of the work group you participated in during the last LSJ meeting
  • additional activity related to the LSJ mission (included below)

   To promote social justice teaching, research, service, and policymaking agendas, with the corollary aim of seeking to proactively improve educational leadership as a means of addressing equity concerns for underrepresented populations throughout P-20 education; also to share innovative, promising, and research-based programs, policies, and teaching strategies and proactively advocate on behalf of underrepresented populations in educational leadership.