Message from Division VP

Division VP

Dear Division L Members and Prospective Members, 

Welcome to our community! We are a Division made up of researchers, policy makers, practitioners, advocates, lawyers, and leaders who focus on education policy and politics. Everyone is welcome and everyone belongs in this vibrant and important community. I am pleased to announce the 2021 Program Committee:

Program Chair

Catherine DiMartino, St. John’s University

Section Chairs

Section 1: Governance, Politics and Intergovernmental Relations

Carrie Sampson, Arizona State University

Section 2: Legal and Judicial Issues for Equity and Access

Emily Hodge, Montclair State University

Section 3: Curriculum and Instruction

Sarah Woulfin, University of Connecticut

Section 4: School Choice and Other Market Reforms

Steve Kotok, St. John’s University

Section 5: Testing, Accountability and Data Use

Yongmei Ni, University of Utah

Section 6: Human Capital and School Finance

Walker Swain, University of Georgia

Section 7: Social Context and Structural Inequalities

Elisabeth Rivera Rodas, Montclair State University

Section 8: Social Policy and Education

Chris Curran, University of Florida

Section 9: Policy Implementation and Going to Scale

Jennifer Steele, American University

Best regards,

Janelle Scott

Robert C. and Mary Catherine Birgeneau Distinguished Chair in Educational Disparities

University of California, Berkeley