Division L Committees


2023 Program Committee

Program Chair

Sarah L. Woulfin | University of Texas at Austin | sarah.woulfin@austin.utexas.edu

Section Chairs

Section 1: Governance, Politics and Intergovernmental Relations

Richard Blissett | University of Maryland Baltimore County | rblissett@umbc.edu

Rachel Sue White | University of Tennessee | rswhite@utk.edu

Section 2: Legal and Judicial Issues for Equity and Access

Dwuana Bradley | University of Southern California | dwuana@bradley.usc.edu

Section 3: Curriculum and Instruction

Laura E. Hernandez | UC Berkeley | lehernandez@berkeley.edu 

Section 4: School Choice and Other Market Reforms

Chantal A. Hailey | University of Texas at Austin | chantal.a.hailey@utexas.edu

Euphra Jeanne Daramola | UC Santa Barbara | daramola@ucsb.edu

Section 5: Testing, Accountability and Data Use

Jacob Kirksey | Texas Tech University | jacob.kirksey@ttu.edu

Section 6: Human Capital and School Finance

David S. Knight | University of Washington | dsknight@uw.edu

Section 7: Social Context and Structural Inequalities

Alisha Butler | Wesleyan University | abutler@wesleyan.edu

Section 8: Social Policy and Education

Tasminda Dhaliwal | Michigan State University | tkdhaliwal@gmail.com

Sarah Winchell Lenhoff | Wayne State University | sarah.lenhoff@wayne.edu

Section 9: Policy Implementation and Going to Scale

Jerome Graham | Michigan State University | jgraham@msu.edu

Samantha Viano | George Mason University | sviano@gmu.edu